Mountain gorilla trekking is the most popular safari adventure carried out in Rwanda. The activity takes place at the stunning Volcanoes National Park located in the Ruhengeri District of Rwanda.

There are over 10 habituated mountain gorilla families in Rwanda that are visited by all travelers interested in watching the rare species of mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

Depending on what means you use to get to the park, the gorilla trekking process starts with obtaining a valid gorilla trekking permit from the Rwanda Development Board then after you are transferred to the park headquarters.

How much does a Gorilla Permit Cost in Rwanda

Gorilla permits in Rwanda cost US $1500 per person interested in trekking and watching the gorillas in their natural habitat.

These Gorilla Permits are obtained through contacting the Rwanda Development Board directly or through reaching out to an authentic Tour Operator in Kigali to reserve these on your behalf before the date of arrival.

What happens at the Park Headquarters?

On your date of gorilla trekking, you are transferred by a driver/tour guide from your hotel/ lodge to the park headquarters. On reaching here, you are welcomed and provided a cup of hot coffee. Have this then proceed to be shortly briefed on conduct around the mountain gorillas.

Gorilla Trekking Briefing

Later after detailed information regarding the park and the gorilla families then after you are distributed into groups of 8 with a lead park ranger guide. After, you are led to the starting point where the gorilla hike begins from.

What Happens when trekking the Gorillas?

With your gorilla trekking permit being presented at the headquarters, you are allocated into groups of 8 with a park ranger guide to lead you into the forest.

You enter the green forest to trek the specific gorilla groups you preferred accompanied by porters and armed rangers. Follow the different trails in the thick green forest vegetation for a period of 3 to 5 hours depending on the current location of the gorillas at the time in the forest.

Continue on the varying trails then after you meet the gorillas and within an hour, take many photos to keep with you about your gorilla trekking Adventure in Rwanda.

You MUST use a camera with no flash and keep a distance of 7 meters away from the gorillas. After the hike, return to the headquarters to collect your trekking certificates before returning to your lodge.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Park for Gorilla Trek?

Volcanoes National Park can be visited all year round, and the best time to visit the country is during the short rain/dry seasons when the trails are navigable and photography is clear.

Hiking Safaris in Rwanda

Hiking safaris in Rwanda offer you amazing hiking experiences along the Mountain Volcanoes which include Karisimbi, Gahinga, Muhabura and Mount Bisoke Volcano.

  • Mount Karisimbi Volcano Hike

Mount Karisimbi Volcano is the highest of all the Volcanoes situated in the Park. The Mountain Volcano is found along the edge of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It elevates up to 4,507 meters offering views of Mount Mikeno Volcano, Mount Nyiragongo Volcano and Mount Bisoke Volcano at a distance.

Hiking this Mountain Volcano is quite challenging although very rewarding when you get to the top. While on your hike to the top, watch various bird species, golden monkeys as they relate perfectly with their natural forest habitat.

  • Mount Karisimbi Hiking Process

Mount Karisimbi Volcano can be hiked in 2 Days and requires you to transfer to the park headquarters to register and then be shortly briefed by the park ranger. After the briefing, proceed to the starting point at the base of Mount Bisoke Volcano then embark on your ascent of 7 hours then later you shall stop at an altitude of 3,700 meters for Overnight in a camp.

Wake up early in the morning have breakfast then embark on a hike to the summit in a period of 1 hour. This hike is very hard and difficult to achieve. This is due to the fact that this area is steeper with tick mud, fog, and strong winds that make it very hectic for hikers to navigate through.

What to see on your Mount Karisimbi Volcano Hike?

En-route your hike to the top of the Mountain Volcano, you view stunning terrain inclusive of dense forest, and volcanic features.

When is the Best Time to Hike Mount Karisimbi Volcano?

Mount Karisimbi Volcano can be hiked anytime around the year although the best time to hike the Mountain Volcano in Rwanda is during the drier periods between December to March and June to early October.

Hikers are required to be physically fit as the hike is very difficult and steep to take.

These Hikes along the Mountain Volcano are arranged by an authentic Tour Operator Agency to help you secure these permits on your behalf before the date of hiking to the top. Porters to help carry your luggage and stuff are hired at US $20 per person interested.

How Much is the Mount Karisimbi Hiking Permit?

The Mount Karisimbi Hiking Permits are obtained from the park headquarters and cost US $400 per person interested in hiking the amazing Mountain Volcano in Rwanda.

  • Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike

Mount Bisoke Volcano is one of the most popularly hiked Mountain Volcanoes in Rwanda. Hiking this amazing Volcano takes a period of 6 hours requiring hikers to be physically fit as they navigate through muddy slippery trails, thorny plants, and stinging insects hence very challenging.

On your hike, the oxygen levels get low due to the drop in temperature making you have many breaks and stops. Along the hike, you view crater lakes, alpine vegetation as well as various wildlife animals like buffalo, elephants, Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys then bird species.

On a lucky day, hikers might watch one of the Mountain Gorilla Groups, Golden Monkey Troops of which they can take many photos of at a distance of 7 meters to keep.


  • Mountain Bisoke Volcano Hike

Hiking Mount Bisoke Volcano begins early in the morning with a short briefing from a skilled park ranger guide at the park offices. While here, present your Hiking Permit, and documentation then transfer from the park offices to the starting point where you begin to hike to the top of the summit.

Follow through the rocky, rough ground at the base of the Mountain Volcano and many gardens/plantations. After a while, you reach the summit then while here you view the beautiful terrain, vegetation, Crater Lake, Mount Karisimbi Volcano, and Mount Mikeno in Congo.

When at the top of the summit, watch the terrain vegetation, Mount Visoke Crater Lake, Mount Karisimbi volcano and Mount Mikeno in Congo.

After your experience at the top of the Mountain Volcano, you shall descend to the starting point, and board your vehicle back to the lodge or to the next destination.

  • Mount Muhabura Hike

Mount Muhabura Volcano is not the tallest of all the Volcanoes in Volcanoes National Park despite the fact that it is the most difficult to hike. The Mountain Volcano is hiked in one Day before sunset hence hikers are required to be mentally and physically ready to get to the top of the Volcano.

The trails along the Mountain Volcano are very steep and hikes are arranged on both the Rwanda and Uganda sides.

In Rwanda, the hike starts at the Kinigi visitor’s center where you present your valid documentation to enable you to hike to the top. You are allocated a park ranger guide to lead you to the top and porters to carry your luggage to the top at US $20.

Mount Muhabura Volcano Hiking Process

Hiking Mount Muhabura Volcano begins at 7:00 am taking you a period of 5 to 7 hours after a short briefing from the park ranger guides. During the briefing, you are advised on how to prepare mentally for the strenuous hike to the top as well as on how to deal with altitude illness.

After the briefing, you are transferred to the starting point then hike the Mountain Volcano and en-route view the green terrain vegetation, birds, and other jungle animals. You shall later reach the top and take many photos to keep.

When in larger groups, you are divided into two portions to hike to the top.

How much is the Mount Muhabura Hiking Permit?

The Mount Muhabura Volcano Hiking Permit costs US $75 per person in Rwanda and these are obtained by contacting an authentic Tour Operator agency or by reaching the Rwanda Development Board directly.

What to Pack for your Mount Muhabura Volcano Hike?

  • Good hiking shoes
  • A sweater/warm clothing
  • A waterproof heavy jacket
  • A hat and walking stick
  • A tent for camping
  • A sleeping bag
  • Packed food for eating in the night

Musanze Caves

Travelers in Rwanda can visit the stunning Musanze caves which are located a few kilometers off the vast green forested Volcanoes National Park in Ruhengeri District.

The Musanze Caves are 2 kilometers along the Innes University grounds and part of the lava basaltic layers from the Bisoke and Sabyinyo volcanoes.

Found in Musanze District of Rwanda, the caves are a top attraction in Rwanda for they were very sacred in ancient times due to the fact that they were used by the traditional Kinyarwanda tribes for crowning initial Kings.

While at the Caves, view the Virunga Ranges i.e Mount Karisimbi, Mount Muhabura and Mount Gahinga.

What to See at the Musanze Caves?

The Musanze caves are cold and quiet with steams of water usually flowing out of the rock and down the rocky walls to holes beneath the cave floor. The caves comprise of many hard tunnels that inhabit thousands of bats that are seen hanging along the cave walls which are darker due to smoke. These include cobwebs which have been here since ancient days.

Exploring the Caves involves you transferring through a 2 km dark tunnel with hardened rocks. Inside the caves are whispers, echoes, and flying bats hence you need a strong torch/ light, gloves, helmet, and head cap to enable you to go through the many tunnels on your 2 hours trail.

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